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Crazy commie pinko with an un-communist dog.
by Anonymous February 05, 2003
1 Word related to hs the whap
Homeslice The Whap is the manslave of Jack Handey.
HS The Whap loves mansauce all over his body.
by Handeh February 05, 2003
Totally Anal.
HS The Whap was caught at a gay bar with his pants down.
by Bishop didnt post this February 05, 2003
Noun: Jack Handey's man bitch.
HS The Whap is taking it in the ass from Jack Handey!
by HS The Whapadoodledo February 05, 2003
I know the guy. A leninist, last time I checked. He's a cool guy, except for that wierd period of intense hatred towards me he had at one point.
by Drake Dracoli November 01, 2003
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