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Doing something shady that you don't want anyone to know about.

A shady act.
Telling your friends your going home to sleep, but then going to a party/to your girlfriends house.
"I shall hrm myself tonight."
"Hrm Bro Hrm"
"Don't hrm me, bro I didn't do anything with her I swear"
by cctnj23 December 03, 2009
8 22
1)a substitute used for the term "hmm..." not alwas used my males. sometimes used by females.

2) abbr. for Hate (then a person's name with the intitals RM..often used by middle school girls)
word Hate can also be substituted as Hot
I HRM!!!!! He's a loser.

Did you see that HRM walk by?

Guy1234: Do you like me
Girl5678: hrm...
by ASLN!!!! April 12, 2007
7 24
the word used for thinking or sex
Hrm...this is amazing.
by rea11yb0red November 29, 2005
8 27