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hrl are fucking losers and will all die very painfully. Fuck hrl and fuck everyone involved in hrl you all deserve testicular cancer. Everone hates you. Oh ya and a fucking gang real cool it isn't the geheto you retarts. Go cry back to mummy and tell her that someone is ragging your gang and maybe daddy can buy your love and try and sue me. I am unstoppable.
hrl are fudge packers that enjoy fucking there mums and getting fucked by there dads.
by GOD September 20, 2004
Rich-Kid Gang - No Threat
"We'd fight you, but all our boys are at TAFE"
by OMGWTF January 11, 2005
hoodlums running loose. Hardcore thug gang from churchie.
if you fuck with hrl they will not bash you
by ken December 15, 2004
hoodlums running loose
if you fuck with hrl then they will bash you
by bhb braz July 27, 2003
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