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Derogatory word for a person who enjoys classical music and especially operas, as seen by one who is not well-educated about such music or is a tactless clod or both. From the "Ho-jo-to-ho" aria of Brunnhilde in "Die Walkure" from Richard Wagner's "Der Ring des Nibelungen".
Zack: Let's get out of here. That restaurant charges $20 just for shrimp parmigiana---it must be a place where a hoyoto loves to go!
Buddy: Yeah, I'm tired of these overpriced restaurants!
Mark (musician carrying cello): I heard what you called me, a "hoyoto". Now I might be a "hoyoto" but at least I can play music, you lame-brained assholes! What talent do the both of you have? Nothing: you just stand around reading those gossip sheets all day. And as for the prices at the restaurant---didn't you know that the price is for a FULL MEAL, and they don't use shit that comes from a can? The sauces are all made with FRESH ingredients!
by pentozali November 15, 2009
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