This is a special word that has one proper meaning, it is used to describe bad fortune (eg. said after u see someone fall over or make any kind of mistake) or alternatively, a person who is mal-co-ordinated, or generally unfortunate (every group of friends has one, you know, the one who always gets a football in the nads)
(your mate is walking along and walks into a lampost)- your immediate reaction; HOY!!!!!!!!!!!
by TRISTAN January 03, 2004
It's the Thai word for "Oyster"

Coincidentally (or perhaps not) it is also slang word for a girl's private area. (must be because of the pearl). I'm completely serious, this is totally accurate -- ask any Thai.
Seafood waitress in Thailand: Say, sailor, would you like to try some hoy?
by chez irman August 13, 2005
Term spawned on the internet, has many meanings. I use it as an alternative to "hi" When i say "hoy" But if i go "HOY!" Its more like "DAMN!" or "WOW!"
(starting a conversation)

(after hearing an impressive feat such as living through goatse)
by Irtehleetbob. December 15, 2002
A word muttered after being contradicted, or after someone says something they think is right/cool, but isn't.
<CheeseWad> Yuo fagit
<LavatoryMaster> Hoy..
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 29, 2003
Holy Online Yawn

usually used in occurdance with fatigue.
Example: hoy, im tired

hoy, this sucks...im bored
by benjamin lee March 11, 2006
big boobs or breasts
Yo mamma has HOY!
by olganhelga December 05, 2004
To throw

Common usage in NE England
"Hoy it over here please"

"Divn't hoy it so hard man."
by worryem September 11, 2014

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