Hoy: to throw or chuck something

Hoy: to go out on the hoy, to go out drinking, on the piss, on the lash.

hoy: to hoy up, to be sick.
I'm going out on the hoy tonight.

I just hoyed it in the bin.

I just hoyed up on my cat.
by ProperBo December 11, 2005
It is shorted language or "slang" for "you are welcome". It is common to hear the reply of "Hoy" after you say Cheers. It is often heard in the trendier part of London and other metropolitan cities in the United Kingdom. The term originated in Wales but has been adapted by the savvy trend setters in Metropolitan London.
Me: Next pint is on me.
You: Cheers!
Me: Hoy!
by The Savvy Brit May 25, 2011
a phrase to exhibit excitement; usually pronounced in a high pitch Asian accent. Prominently used to show sexual exhilaration and lustful spontaneity.
A girl sees an attractive guy in passing and shouts, "HOY!"
by smeggi ferroleo August 31, 2009
To be sick/throw up, normally used as a verb.
"How'd you get on with that bird last night?"

"Nightmare mate, I got hammered and hoyed up all over her."
by Goldenballs March 06, 2008
Spanish for "Today"
Voy a la escuela hoy

"I go to school today."
by doomychan June 05, 2005
An alternative way of saying, 'Hey' or 'Hi' which originated in conversations between two BFFs.
Jen: Hey... i mean hoy...

Jen: That HoyGirl is SO ANNOYING.
Sally: Yeah wtf is Hoy?
Jen: I don't know i just go along with it.
by HmmfCreator June 04, 2009
A girl that is hot/good looking.
"Oh man she is such a hoy"
"Check out that hoy man"
by Shane.J August 15, 2006

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