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"Howwa you" is an extremely versatile phrase that has come to mean many different things and can be used in a variety of social contexts. It was originally coined as an alternative to "how are you" but can now express a multitude of subtleties in conversation if one is creative.
the following are some ways in which "howwa you" has previously been used:

1. as a greeting. ex: "howwa you???" or the alternative "howwa we??" or "howwe?"
2. moments of surprise. ex: "howwa you that was weird"
3. to express disdain. ex: "howwa you what a bitch"
4. an adjective for a sexually provocative action. ex: "that was very howwa you"
5. to show enthusiasm for a holiday ex: "howwa you it's christmas!"
6. as part of a crackhead song. ex: "howwa you, how howwa you?"
by crazygirlsgonewildfromnewyork December 07, 2009
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