Howard County is the third richest county in America in terms of per capita income and the richest in the state of Maryland. That being said most residents aren't super rich snobs but are simply comfortably upper middle class. Is located withing closs proximity to both Baltimore and Washington D.C which is partially why it is so desirable. The mass majority of Howard County's population is centered around the Coulumbia Ellicott City area. In terms of demographics Howard county is reasonably diverse with whites still being the majority but Blacks and Asians also making up a deacent amount of the counties population.
Q: I'm moving to Maryland what county should I live in
A: Howard County.
by Silverfalcon3000 July 30, 2011
Howard County. Columbia is one of the most richest places to live these days. What others do not realize is how Columbia is classed by schools. You have River Hill, which is know for being arrogant and wealthy. You have Oakland Mills, which is know for being "ghetto". You have Hammod, which apparently is known to either be white trash or country. Theres also Glenelg, which is out in the middle of no where, considering where everyone else is. There are also many others. I geuss the point I am trying to establish is that Oakland Mills is seen as a "ghetto" I am not saying it is not because I am sure it is, but it seems to get the bad rep. Where as you have Hammond who has a teacher who sells pot to students and River Hill whose teacher just got caught with meth and GHB. Now my question is where do you find that at Oakland Mills? Yes Oakland Mills has had there fair share of problems, such as grade changing but that on where compares to teachers and drugs, thank you. What people do not realize is that where you go to school does not really matter, your getting an education just like everyone else. Who really cares wheither you go to a rich school or a poor one, your getting the same education. So the next time you write a definition take everything into consideration, we live in a bubble where everything is classed and it seems to stay that way for one reason, people like you who decide to class people. And for the article about the "asian invasion" and black wannabes , the reason as I stated before Columbia will not change because of people like you.
by DoesntMatter October 04, 2005
Where everyone is always stuck up everyones ass. Nosey and think that they are perfect. Everyone lives their little second rate life and think their big shit because they are upper middle class. Violent area where you fall asleep to gun shots and hope nobody kills your dog while your asleep. With schools so old that your grandparents went to.
Crudy old shit hole.
by Beth Hale March 16, 2005

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