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An aggitated responce for when someone asks you a question you cannot possibly know the answer to. Usually said in a tone that is more or less telling the person to fuck off.
Guy #1: Where did I put my pen?
Guy #2: How the hell should I know?
by anonymous October 18, 2004
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Ask a question that only a guiness would understand and you'll hear this.
Smart guy:Who are you?

Dumbass:How the hell should I know?
by Can of Worms November 15, 2006
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a term used in a someone asks u a completely retarded question, ususally used in a sharp tone and said when ur already pissed off.
guy 1: dam i just lost my wallet
guy 2: hey dude, wheres ur wallet?
guy 1: how the hell should i know?
by squirll000 April 28, 2006
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