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1) Like using 'How are you?' or "Wussup ?"
2) A word to use when having no way to reply. Used to fill in the awkward silence.
Bob: Hi.
Bobby: Hi.
Bob: I think I'm on my period.
Bobby: But arent you a guy ?
Bob: Yeah.
Bobby: Soo, Hows life ?
by unicorn wannbe person June 29, 2011
5 0
1)A questions meaning simply 'how are you?' or 'how are things going?'. Sometimes taken very seriously by the recipient.
2)A question used to fill an awkward silence.
1)John Doe: So, how's life?
Jane Doe: Good, good. And yourself?
2)Jane Doe: I cut myself.
(awkward silence)
John Doe: So, how's life?
by Cordelia Nault March 31, 2008
84 32
a conversation starter that never works
guy: hows life?
girl: huh??
by jonathan92c March 17, 2008
67 19
The last resort question, when you have exhausted every other conversation starting option.
Bob:"How are the kids?"
Bob:"ergh... How's life?"
by iloveskokie777 September 04, 2010
35 27