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The epitamy of reason and morals; the dominant species of their land. There is a degenerate form of human inhabiting their island which they call Yahoo.
Background: Gulliver's Travels
A horse, with a language, governed solely by unimpeded reason. Lying, punishment, and government are unheard of on their island--that's how well reason governs them.
by anonymous November 09, 2004

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smart horse creature from gullivers travels. It has human characteristics, and a spoken language. They have yahoos for pets, and a yahoo is what they call humans...the houyhnhnms are basically retarded and their world makes no sense. They think they're superior to humans..but they have no technology or written language...the simply thrive on "reason."
The Houyhnhnms ate milk and oats.
by richard gonzales November 08, 2007