The Houston Cocktail is a mixture of three prescription drugs often prescribed in combination at many pill mills around Houston. Users compare the mixture to a heroin like high. Many overdoses are reported after the use of this combination of drugs due to the increased risk of respiratory depression. The Houston cocktail includes-

NORCO-10mg/325mg hydrocodone APAP (opiate derivative used for moderate to severe pain relief)

XANAX- 2mg alprazolam (benzodiazepine used for panic disorder)

SOMA- 350mg Carisoprodol (muscle relaxant used for muscle spasms)

Users often get most of the euphoria from the Norco. The Xanax adds a mellowing and more depressed effect, and the soma is used to potentiate the high all together.
"Bro I got fucked on that Houston cocktail last night. I took 10 dones, 2 bars and 5 somas. Can you come pick me up? I'm somewhere off of 610 and I have no pants on..."
by Htown legend April 09, 2014

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