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A person who lives in housing commission/ Government assigned low budget housing.
"Greg is such a houso"
by Lord Zealot March 14, 2004
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to be living in a housing commission estate
houso's are never wanting to work and loves the dole thinking its money for nothing... some times there can be generations living together..... also a awesome show on sbs see paul Fenech on google
by big dog24 December 21, 2011
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A person who lives on the poverty line, and goes about life only knowing how to scam, getting a fuck, getting drunk or stoned, basically getting something for nothing or next to nothing. One who hates the law or anything to do with the law. beating up people, and the masters of slang.
Housos person: Fuck off you cunt, wheres me fucken smokes

Fuck me, whatdya mean im not getting a blow job ya fucken mole
by ellagamisou December 24, 2011
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Alternatively, just public housing itself.
Nah man, I wouldn't live in Malabar, it's dodgy, full of houso ay.
by sideways April 28, 2004
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an australian slang for government housing commision homes
they need to get rid of all the housoes around here and move them out far west.
by night prawler May 20, 2005
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