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The male equivelant to housewife. In this case, a houseband stays at home and takes care of the kids while the wife works.
While claire works her ass off at work, Jimmy drinks beer while watching t.v. with his kids. Jimmy is obviously a houseband.
by Lie_Detector_411 September 02, 2010
A band that is hired by a specific bar or club and plays there consistently. House bands generally work on busy nights, like Friday nights and Saturday nights. They are usually known for being startup bands, and can later become big name bands.
- One of the house bands at Madame Wong's was The Motels.

- Oingo Boingo was also a house band there, too.
by Jerry Curhl March 28, 2011
A term derived from the word "housewife" and "husband" used to describe an unemployed boyfriend/fiancé/husband who stays at home and does hosewife kinda stuff.
Dude1: Hey, bro. Wanna join me at the bar for a drink or five?

Dude2: na, bro. I can't. Don't you remember? I'm a houseband. I have chores to do.
by Dekrepit90 February 13, 2015
A male version of housewife.
He was a houseband to his wife and three children.
by gsanta August 09, 2012

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