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A person's head and/or face.
Ouch! That trophy fell off the shelf and landed dead on my house!
by SmashOGrilla May 25, 2008
1 29
Part of the words that are used by the Animal for their songs - The House of the Rising Sun... A one time very famous song in the ghetto....
My home is not the house of the rising sun.
by gurubesar December 12, 2007
3 31
1. To own someone really badly.
2. Usually in Spider Solitare
Yo! i housed alvin today! ALVIN house!
by Evan Almighty April 22, 2007
2 30
1. House(n.) A person with the incredibly divine ability to consume a bag of chips and a jar of salsa in one sitting.
2. House(v.) To completely and utterly obliterate a jar of salsa at whim without taking a breath of air; To continuously shovel salsa into one's mouth like a ferris wheel.
3. House(Adj.) Describes something with uncanny housing powers.
"Man, that guy could house a house!"
"Oh my House!"
"The House always wins."
"After all, it is House rules!"
by even bigger house September 06, 2006
22 50
1) to steal
2) to take away


old school dance music that later spawned freestyle
That motherfucker housed my last mixed house tape!
by FLB/NYC March 11, 2003
21 49
Adjective: To have consumed a substantial amount of alcohol. Aka to be absurdly wasted.
After his twenty second keg stand, Koby was housed.
by Jazzum March 12, 2005
9 39
When a person of African American decent acts and is extremely white. The archetypical "House" African American would be Carleton on the popular 90's sitcom "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"
"Man did you see Tiger Woods wearing that pink shirt and yachting shoes?" "That is so house!"
by JJDawg February 19, 2006
8 39