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A party at your house which usually does not involve the consent of your parents, so theres lots of alcohol and people getting crazy, your house gets wrecked and you wish it never happened. So basically the worst decision you could ever make.
Puke on parents bed, carpets, house in a bad state, lawnmower on shag-pile carpet you get the idea
by G-Man January 05, 2005
A party usually thrown by a high schooler/teenager without their parents' knowledge or permission. Typically thrown while parents are on vacation or gone for an extended amount of hours. Classic high school house party involves alcohol, weed, music, and people hooking up and/or having sex. Many times the house is left in a complete mess and sometimes is damaged. Very risky, as parents may find out, neighbors may complain, and cops may get called if it's wild enough - but if done right it's so worth it.
Joe's parents went to Connecticut for the weekend so he threw a house party.
by SloppyToppy October 18, 2015
A large party involving many people contained in someone's house (and usually, backyard) where dancing, drinking, smoking, drug use, sex, and other party staples occur.
That house party last night was insane; the music didn't stop till it was nearly morning.

We're throwing a house party tonight at John's place. We got a DJ and a keg, so bring cash, a girl, or booze.
by tkun March 31, 2015
A celebration in which your friends are invited over to your house to watch the next upcoming episode of the Emmy Award winning medical drama House M.D.
"Bob: Hey, amy! Do you have any plans for next monday at around...8?

Amy: Actually, yes. Jim invited me to his House party that night. I think I'm busy every monday at that exact time until the finale. Sorry!"


"I decided to have a House party next monday, for the season premiere of House MD got me all fired up!"
by L. Huddy September 23, 2009
In the swinging lifestyle, a house party or private house party is an event that takes place in a home, resort or hotel where mate swapping and group sex occur.
You remember them, they were at Peter's last house party.
by wenched July 12, 2005
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