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Person who likes to just hang out at home. Doesn't really like to get out.
Nah, I really don't get out. I'm just kind of a "house cat".
by B*rad August 10, 2007
a house cat is a younger man who is attracted to older women
A high school boy hitting on his friends mom. Thats a house cat.
Boys that hoot and holler at older women. Those are house cats.
The reverse of a cougar situation. Thats a house cat situation.
by iAttractCats May 25, 2012
House Cat is a very emotional animal. She usually listens to bipolar music. House Cats are terrible people sometimes, and then they act all high another minute later. House Cat is a good person but doesnt realize it. I love house cat. House Cat is a ninga, and she has AIDs. She is a pretty cool person. House Cats love fire. One might even call her a bit of a pyro. She needs mental help, but dont we all? I love this chick, she's my bestfriend. House Cats are annoying sometimes though. She wont do anything to hurt somebody, only emotionaly. House Cats are very kind people, and theyre awesometasticc. Even though they have terrible taste in guys. Speccifically guys named Justyn. Nobody likes Justyn. He's a terrible person and House Cat is wayyyyy too good for him!
Person1-'Dude who's that chick over there hanging out with that dick, Justyn?'

Person-'Yo, thats a House Cat!'

Person1-'Man she's hot! But that guys Justyn is a loser!'
by xxchiaratxx April 27, 2010
Asian girl who comes to your party and never says a word, just observes everyone.
I had four Asian chicks at my house this weekend but two of em were total housecats.
by Timmy Kobra June 01, 2007
A domesticated man who no longer gets to participate in fun activities outside of those activities preapproved by his female mate.
Chris was unable to go out after work with the guys for a few beers because he was a house cat.
by HomerHatesSalad April 03, 2008
a girl that hangs out at the frat house all the damn time and has probably slept with most of the brothers
well, april, theresa and katie are house cats.
by polish princess September 19, 2005
A freind or girlfreind of a guy who hangs around at his house, particularly when he is not even home, always has tons of bullshit stories, and no matter what you are talking about, he or she has done it, or knows someone who has. This person is also generally not welcome by other freinds.
"Yea are you on the way yet? house cat is already over here, she even took my damn seat."
by T Grave July 13, 2008

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