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Name given to a small man with a short temper. Similar to small man syndrome, however the extra aggression is to be noted. Most likley to be a virgin with a miniscule penis which further exaserbates the problem of their diminutive stature.

Loves the cock.
That guy is such a 'Hough' because of his small stature petite penis.
by Jim Sampson December 14, 2007
13 26
Man with an obsession about hats. One who likes wearing unusual hats. One who takes photos of hats. One who writes articles about hats.
I'll take my hat off to that hough!
by hamishredux June 12, 2010
28 12
Term used to describe a man who is homosexual but tries his hardest to hide this by pretending to be straight around friends and family despite it being blatantly obvious.

(Most commonly used in Brighton and the Uttoxeter area)
-i heard alex has a girlfriend.

-are you certain because i'm sure i caught him getting off with a guy the other week?

-I guess i must have misheard then, can't believe i'd forgotten he is hough!
by stephensalejeffrey August 07, 2008
23 28
The feeling of feeling feelings.
That hott guy is making me hough.
by Chelsea (cranny) February 25, 2005
25 31
someone who takes without repaying, borrows without returning, and will take the last of anything with no remorse.
Hey, my candy is all gone. I just got houghed!
by Rice and Ramsey July 16, 2008
10 20
ho. or something like that...
man... Debby is such a houghbag. she was taking it up the ass by two dudes at once... using twoooooo hands...
by el wangador January 15, 2004
9 24