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A sex position in which a girl lays on her back and the guy anally fucks her then he spits on her back and she will turn around thinking you have cummed and then you cum RIGHT IN HER FACE!
alex: i did a houdini last night
addison: rad
While giving anal sex, pretend to ejaculate. When your partner turns around and faces you, ejaculate in their face.
I wanted to play a trick on Martha, so I totally houdinied when we were having sex.
by TDizzle August 19, 2005
Do a girl from behind. Let her know you're about to finish. Spit in her back. When she turns around shoot your load on her face. Yell Houdini
Hey brian how was your butt sex last night....it was great until my gay buddy pulled a houdini on me.
by BB men November 07, 2005
Verb - derived from the great escapologist Harry Houdini, a gaming term for Gears of War where one person blasts the opponent with a close range shotgun and there is nothing left.
Jeremy: "Where the fuck did I go?!"
Jon: "You got straight Houdinied!"

by J-UniT25 December 18, 2008
When you fuck a guy in the butt and you fool him that you cum and then you pull out he turns around and you cum in his face.
I gave my boyfriend Rehmeyer a nice houdini last night.
by Sonny 'Sal' Vitale January 19, 2008