A type of dump that when it exits the anus, goes right down the toilet pan at phenomenal speed and disappears round the U-bend out of sight. Named after the famous magician Harry Houdini as he preformed disappearing acts.
Man, I though that shit was gonna leave the map of Australia in the pan but luckily it was a houdini. Saved me from some embarassment so it did
by gw5150 June 04, 2007
When you are doing a chick from behind, then spit on her back after pulling out. When she looks behind cuz she thinks you're done, you get her in the face.
John gave Marsha a houdini last night. She still hasnt gotten the jizz out of her hair.
by maxb November 23, 2005
A houdini is when you are fucking a girl doggy style and then you pull out and spit on her back. When she turns around to see, you bust a nut in her face.
The girl had an ugle face so I gave her a houdini.
by vvxxrzarektaxxvv September 14, 2005
To perform a houdini, a male person hides in a closet or small shut off room and masturbates and holds it. When somebody walks in he lets loose on them and they get pissed.
dude, i was playing hide and seek with mom and dad and brother last night and when my mom checked the closet i let loose all over her face. it was awesome. she didnt even ground me. it was awesome

last night i was hiding in the closet and then i did a houdini all over emmas head. she flipped out
by Matt Smithinsmiths February 08, 2008
when you're fucking your girlfriend from behind, then right when you're about to blow, pull out and spit on her back. she'll think you blew, and when she turns around, you blow your load all over her face/chest
tom gave his girlfriend the houdini and got it all over her face
by JonSk81983 August 20, 2005
A sexual act where a guy is doing a girl (or another guy) doggie style. As the guy is about to orgasm, he pulls out, and spits on the girl's back while masturbating, but not ejaculating.
Thinking he came, the girl turns arround, at which point the guy unleashes into the girl's face, and shouts "HOUDINI!"

If your partner still talks to you after recieving a Houdini, they are a total slut.
Dude, I'm breaking up with my girlfriend tomorrow, so tonight I'm giving her a Houdini!

I will give you $20 if you sleep with her and give her a Houdini.
by Spc. Edwards August 20, 2005
You convince a girl via text messages that you're out at the bar getting after it, but really you are at home not even drinking.
You convince a girl via text messages that you're out at the bar getting after it, and both of you can meet up later. She thinks you're getting drunk, but really you're at home. You convince her to meet you at your place after you supposedly are done drinking. Before she gets there you slam 2 or 3 beers and pour a little on your shirt for the smell effect. Then when she arrives you've saved yourself the trouble of going out, saved yourself the money, and you have the competitive advantage, and are likelier to get laid. When you brag to your buddies the next day, you tell them that you pulled the houdini.
by Jesse Jesse July 06, 2006

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