the act of capitalizing on the fact that an attractive stranger will likely be someone you'll never see again by abruptly approaching them in order to:

a. win them over with your boldness
b.shock them into submission, without the whole rape stigma
and, finally,
c. obtain their "digits", "number", "homephone", and/or other forms of contact (ie. AIM, facebook, name, email, address, place of work, etc.)

This impulsive act is often in the pursuit of a pleasant hookup, hopes for a prosperous relationship, boost to self confidence and mood, and, of course, to relieve boredom and pump adrenaline.
Girl 1: I feel the need to hotwawa.
Girl 2: That is a fantastic idea, let's start scoping.
Girl 1: There's a cute guy! Stop the car! We are so getting his number.
by yellowcatredcat October 20, 2010

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