When you stick your finger in your dickhole and say:

"Did you see that? Huh? I just stuck my whole finger in my dick hole! Aw yeah man, it feels fucking fantastic, fucking fantastic man."
Every Tuesday night, Tim liked to turn the lights down low and give himself a hot scott.
by miiiintz March 06, 2009
Top Definition
Hotscott is a hotass fool that only got his name because nothing rhymes with jon. Hes a whipit/beerpong king; who loves hankwilliamsjr more than almost anyone. and he likes to steal cars to go to mcdonalds at three in the morning and play 64 :] and steal granola bars at the wrong time.
Hotscott and Gay Rae tagteamed the amazing Hank Williams Jr. <3
by Gay Rae August 27, 2008
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