The hottest Russian etymologist in Los Angeles and YouTube!!!
Marina (Hot For Words) taught me a LOOOOT of new words with her sexiness!
by NuttyJ January 02, 2008
Top Definition
Marina Orlova, a shining example that shows that sex sells, she failed at becoming a model so instead decided to exploit her looks by regularly broadcasting her cleavage on YouTube. One of the early channels that started in 2007, she used the middle of the video thumbnail trick to display photographs from her old photo shoots of her in a bikini. This made every male teenager on YouTube click on her videos to see her breasts, which is how she became popular. This is further proven by the comments on her videos, 95% of which are about her looks and breasts. She disguises this fact by pretending to be an expert on words that she spends 2 minutes researching on Google. Orlova is essentially on the same level as the women on live webcam sex shows, but instead she had a nerd friend who became the first to exploit YouTube.

Similar YouTube users who lack any kind of talent or creativity but are in the same basket who have gained success and popularity on YouTube with the thumbnail/hot babes trick include SxePhil, Shaycarl, Charlestrippy and Athenewins.

Today, Orlova still posts several videos a week, but very few of her 300,000+ subscribers care anymore as shown by the video view counts that rarely surpass 150,000 and the comments that rarely surpass a few thousand. This is likely due to the fact that teenagers only masturbate to the same women a certain amount of times before moving on to seek out new wankfodder.
Typical comment on her videos:
"get your tits out"
"u have nice boobs"
"you are hot"

"Hey did you see the new hotforwords video?"
"No I don't watch her anymore, I found other websites with better stuff to masturbate to."
by ytwatchcat April 11, 2010
Who is HotForWords? She is the Youtube Superstar and Her name is Marina Orlova, she’s 27 and she’s a philologist! Now you might be asking what the heck is a philologist? Well, it’s someone who studies linguistics and etymology.. and in Marina’s case.. she has applied her Philology degrees to specializing in word origins.
She is Hotforwords and is Hot for words?
by roadrunrnch August 04, 2008
A youtube whore.
Why are you even watching hotforwords? To stare at her tits? Just go on Pornhub and masturbate to some real porn...
by Jesuseffingchrist69 April 05, 2011
This hot russian chick on youtube with HUGE boobs. You might have often seen hotforwords while scrolling youtube a thumbnail of a girl with incredible cleavage and huge tits. every person who clicks on her just wants to see her boobs, but they are all sadly dissapointed when she doesnt show them, and just talks about the origins of some english word.

She even knows shes hot though, cuz she puts hot pics in every thumbnail and even obviously slutty pictures in her intro. W/e, im not mad (and neither should u) cuz she'll get smarter when shes ugly and realize all she was was "someone to masturbate to" for a lonely teenager.
Hotforwords: The word boobalicious comes from the latin root 'boba' -

comment 1: tits or GTFO
comment 2: just show us ur tits stupid bitch
comment 3: i wrote this with one hand
by palabra up May 04, 2011
The hottest Russian on the planet, absolutely gorgeous hands down beautiful, brain bending beauty. With a perfect complexion and INSANE beauty.
Is that hotforwords??? Are you shitting me im going to kidnap her right now and put her in my dungeon so i can look at her face for all of eternity.
by Screamphoenixe September 01, 2008
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