pussy juice,usually green in color, with a nasty film on top due to old cum from the night before
after a long night with a quiefasourus, gary noticed he had an abundence of hot dog water on his shiznit
by jhie and casey November 15, 2007
Top Definition
Some know it as the juice left over after you get done boiling hot dogs, others know it as poor mans gravy, but either way, it can be a great additive to many things.
These potatoes are off the chain, how did you make them?

Just mashed up some potatoes and used hotdog water for gravy.
by T.J. Dubz February 22, 2008
A very distinct smell that comes from an unwashed fat chick.
That bitch smells like hot dog water.
by jwhite1984 January 05, 2011
water leftover in the pot after boiling hotdogs.
Hey! Dump that hotdog water down the sink!
by egyptian princess June 23, 2007
I should not have had those 8 tacos last night. I woke up with a toilet full of hotdog water
by Onemanlydork July 04, 2015
A vulgar comeback used by someone who is too butthurt to think of a real comeback. Often can be mistaken as #shots fired
Shut up kid, you smell like hotdog water.
by Prxphxcy March 04, 2016
A code word for alcohol, often used around a minor's parents or other authorities. Can be used to describe any alcoholic beverage from beer to vodka.
Friend 1: Do you have the Hot Dog Water for tonight?
Friend 2: Yeah, I have it in my car.

Where did you put the Hot Dog Water?

How much do I owe you for the Hot Dog Water?
by Jimmer Bolt March 07, 2012
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