When you have sexy with your girl right before her period, and it is super hot in her vagina.
I was hot boxing with my girl last night and I tought my (dick) was going to burn off

Dan baby you (hot boxing) down there
by total chaos May 19, 2014
The act of hiring two attractive individuals (usually female strippers) to engage in fisticuffs
It's been a long, stressful day. I could really go for some hot boxing.
by KJ? June 26, 2011
The act of farting in empty elevator to leave a surprise for the people coming in.
I love hotboxing the elevator at my job, especially for difficult co-workers.
by traxys August 13, 2010
Farting in a hot, steamy shower.
"Oh god, what's that smell?"
"Can't talk, hotboxing!" <ppfffffrrrrrrrrrip>
by they_smell_like_turnip November 03, 2010
A practice in persuasion where a person or several people who want to convince another person to do or believe something bombard that person with statements and questions trying to force the person to make a decision.
They were hotboxing me to buy their extra ticket - but I don't even want to go to that show.
by Superchuck500 May 28, 2008
The act of farting in a small car while driving and locking the power windows thereby trapping those in there with you, forcing them to sample your brand.
Driving with the wife, locking the windows, farting and then sitting there silently trying not to laugh, waiting for the slap on the arm as she asks if it is REALLY necessary to be hotboxing her in the Beetle.... LEONARD!!! FAWKER!! Open the window!!!
by ToTheWall April 26, 2007
to keep all of your cheeba smoke in a closed are so u can make the room harder to see in and grab peoples privates
we decided to hotbox thorogoods room so jimmie could fee up some broad.
by Jon Sepulveda March 05, 2003

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