Smoking cannabis/marijuana in smallish inclosed space causing the smoke to fill the room and be reinhaled.the room often starts to heat up during the procces.Often done more by high/college students then older smokers.
Although many belive hotboxing gets you more high this is untrue.The active ingrediant in marijuana is THC. When you inhale the THC is absorbed by the aveoli in the first 3-5 seconds. Some say they get more high in a hot box this is a plucibo effect.
by Hymen July 10, 2006
the usage of a sealed off space for the purpose of smoking marijuana and not allowing smoke to escape creating a "hot box"
We were bored so we hot boxed the Phantom behind Denny's.
by PAPERSTACKS May 10, 2010
Basically, "Hotboxing" is when you smoke weed via Joint, Blunt, Bong etc. in an enclosed room or vehicle. There are no spaces for the air to come out, so the weed stays in the area supposedly making you even more ripped because of the second-hand smoke you're inhaling along with the actual puffs.

But in reality, it really does nothing. The part in the weed that makes you high is THC. Ones you take a hit, you inhale all of the THC into your body, and none is blown back into the air. All of the second hand smoke does not make you higher, it just fucks up your lungs worse than normal. The only reason people thinks it works is because of the placebo effect.
Jamal: Yo we hotboxed my dads Cadillac yesterday, you should have reached!

Thomas: Well actually, hotboxing doesn't work, it is only the placebo effect changing your mindstate. You cannot get high off the second-hand smoke that contains no THC.

Jamal: Fag.
by KushMasterFlex December 30, 2010
"Hot boxing" is where you're toking in an enclosed area, and thus, the smoke quickly fills the tiny area, and you inhale it and become even higher. Essentially, the enclosed area holds all of the smoke, and surrounds you with it as you toke.
Due to their size, bathrooms and/or closets are the best area to "hot box" in.
by SuperSonicX December 02, 2007
Pretty much the greatest thing that has ever been thought of by anyone. It is when you turn off your car and roll up the windows and smoke Marijuana. The smoke fills the car and you breathe in secondhand weed smoke as well as the smoke you inhale from the bowl, bong, joint, etc. It works best when you use more than one method of smoking together, so you get really, really, really fucked up. Awesome.
Guy 1: Let's park behind the movie theater and hotbox this mofo.

Guy 2: Fuck yes. This is the funnest night ever!
by Stoney McGhee November 13, 2009
When utilizing the toilet while a fellow person is taking a shower. The steam mixed with the gases leaves to a quite funky mixture.
"Dude, while my wife was showering i decided to go into the bathroom and hot box her. Can I stay at your place for awhile?"
by Holyblumpkin September 24, 2013
gettin high off your ass in a car.
ima bout to hot box...get in the fuckin car. youre letting all the smoke get out.
by JESSiCA April 29, 2004

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