A Techno-House party in a small room with DJ'S. The people on the dance floor create heat and the walls will begin to sweat, creating a hotbox, sauna like effect.

Or smoking weed in a car, with the windows rolled up:)
by Detroit Jack December 26, 2010
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A hotbox is an air-tight room or vehicle that contains one or more pot-smokers smoking one or more joints. The exhaled smoke and the smoke coming from the joint, unable to escape, circulates and thus is breathed in and is not wasted. Smokers in a hotbox may find themselves totally fucked beyond the point of speech after about 30 minutes. Hotboxing is an event that requires some amount of planning, but ensures optimal weed usage.
Guy 1: "Dude, my parents are on hliday and we're gonna hotbox my bathroom!!"
Guy 2: "SWEEET!"
by Rep August 24, 2004
a sealed car with marijuana smoke in it; stay in a hot box to get more high
ey man, lets get messed up tonight, lets hot box your car!
by suj March 21, 2003
when u smoke in an enclosed area so that it holds all the smoke
shit all we have is one j....so lets just hot box in phipps car and get high off those fumes
by brad p. nigga May 06, 2005
When you smoke in an enclosed area(Car, SAUNA, Tent, small room) and the smoke stays in the area and you are contnuously breathing in smoke... the purpose is to FUCK YOU UP! Have fun.
Smoke a blunt with all the windows up!
by Mike Lancea August 29, 2005
smoking marijuana in a vehicle or room until it is filled with smoke.
we smoked a blunt in the S500, it was hotboxed in 5 minutes.
by lex February 13, 2003
To smoke out a closed area.
Lets hot box that bathroom dawg!
by Jeff May 27, 2003
Smoking cannabis/marijuana in smallish inclosed space causing the smoke to fill the room and be reinhaled.the room often starts to heat up during the procces.Often done more by high/college students then older smokers.
Although many belive hotboxing gets you more high this is untrue.The active ingrediant in marijuana is THC. When you inhale the THC is absorbed by the aveoli in the first 3-5 seconds. Some say they get more high in a hot box this is a plucibo effect.
by Hymen July 10, 2006

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