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"Hot-bagging" is when, in a moving vehicle, one poops into a bag and throws it out the window.

Said to popular among touring musicians, who resort to "hot-bagging" to avoid stinking up their tour buses.
"Pee-yew... somebody didn't get the word that we're hot-bagging it on this bus!"
by Hot Baggin' April 07, 2006
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The Hot Baggee puts their face through a hole in the wall. On the other side of the wall there is a painting around the hole. Usually a flower or ladybug antennae. The Hot Baggee then awaits the hot bag. The hot bag itself is a condom filled with feces, usually human. The act of hot bagging is actually smacking the person who has their head through the hole in the face with the hot bag.

This complicated procedure is known as hot bagging or being hot bagged, depending on if you are the hot bagger or hot baggee.
The wife burnt my macaroni and cheese. She knew she was in the wrong and assumed the hot bagging position.
by SD21___ October 08, 2008
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