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An old fashioned nickname (favorable) to give to someone who impresses you with their sense of humor and personality.
He's fascinating to talk with and had me laughing all the way home, what a hot ticket! (or "..he's such a hot ticket.")
by Gina Dubel April 02, 2005
An extremely popular person or thing.
That girl is so hot ticket.
My girl is the hottest ticket in town.

by cihanco November 26, 2008
1. Something/someone desirable. Someone whose status demands respect.
2. Chicken Nuggets from Chik-Fil-A.

How you gonna walk yo skinny-lookin' ass in here like you is hot tickets.

He was in the club tryin' to git with me like he was hot tickets.

Damn! hot tickets.
by tequilalarry May 29, 2008
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