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The act in which you blow a nasty "wet fart" into your partners mouth for sexual desire.
Useually after scarfing down at a mexican restraunt, and having the pre "taco shits".
dude i gave my girl a hot snack last night and she spit it back into my butt!
by shittyasshole December 31, 2008
It is when you are just sitting around minding your own business and you have a little unexpected burp and a small amount af acidy puke comes up with it and you have to swallow the "hot snack".
"Dude, I was just talkin to my girl and out of no where I had to swallow a "hot snack" with out here noticing"
by Frankie Carbone April 04, 2006
a finesexy person of the opposite sex.
Damn! that guy/girl is a hotsnack!!
by Marcierenee November 26, 2008