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noun: to shoot you girlfriend in the back of the head with a paintball gun and to then blow a load on her.
i gave my girlfriend a hotshot
by mister becky August 16, 2010
A smaller-than-usual condom marketed to 13- to-15-year-olds
C´mon man! Stop pretending you are an adult African-American... get a hotshot.
by rperazag December 17, 2010

a hot shot is either really pure heroin that street adtics are not use to getting and it kills them or stuff that was cut with posion to make them sick or die

a lot of junkies dropped like flys from hot shots on the lower east side
by NLR718 July 15, 2006
hot shot: (noun) 1. a liquid of high alcoholic proof, which when ingested repeatedly, transforms the drinker into a self-perceived hottie. 2. also works in reverse, creating the perception that all members of the opposite gender are hotties.
After 5 hot shots of Jagermeister, Egbert found Myrtle irresistable.
by fallingtopeaces April 17, 2011
A certain individual, commonly of the male sex, who sees themselves as the person "everyone loves". They think they are all around star athletes, can get all the ladies, and is extremely comical. They are sometimes referred to as "wanna be guiddos". They are not close to any of these personality traits, for the females find them creepy and awkward, save lower class man, or plan b, they are usually not good at sports, and aren't orange. Or ripped. They acquire their jokes from a comedian they saw on T.V. while they were smoking marijuana by themselves on a sunday night.


Some hot shots have been noted to wear popped collared pink polo shirts, with Jordan's, Khaki shorts and black high socks. Others wear sweat pants and or sweat shorts of any color, mostly black and white (reversible), sandals, preferably Adidas, or Wal-Mart off brand. They also wear NCAA gray t-shirts or hoodies or a school sport related t-shirt, which is most of the time from elementary school.
Common Catch Pharses

"Man, that kid is gay" - referring to someone undeniably better than themselves.

"Daaaaaank" - trying to express their "cool party-going habits.

"Dankenstein" - variation of "Daaaaaaank"

and of course we cannot forget the real reason this definition was created....The one...the only... CORY BOHACHE!!! the original hot shot !
by Demp223 March 25, 2010
1. The most beautiful person who ever lived 2. radiates confidence because of his fantastic physique 3. has the body of a god full of hard muscles and abs to die for 4. so pure and has the best heart..never thinks a bad thought 5. the most sought after man by females because woman can't keep their eyes and hands of him 6. vision of beauty and purity 7. way too good for anyone 8. will take your breath away with his very prescence 9. has the most beautiful eyes 10. hes someone who is fun, smart and very attractive 11. has my heart forever
by the REAL paul anka May 29, 2010