Used to refer to extremely hot or ugly girls (it should be blatantly obvious whether the hot mess is used in a positive or negative connotation).
The girl walking by in the pink skirt was definitely a hot mess, I would love to Eiffel Tower her in my bedroom.

by Squad September 05, 2005
Someone or Something that is such a mess... the level of it, is off of the charts. It's past pathetic, past pitiful. It's to the point you almost have to walk away to keep from bustin a gut. Hot messes can exist in levels.

i.e. Hot Mess, Hot Fuckin Mess
Oh my God, y'all a HOT MESS!
by Erik Waugh August 02, 2005
a couple of girls (usually stoners), that on any given night, that have consumed a large quantity of alcohol or mushrooms, and have lost control of themselves..
ie dancing on tables, forgetting conversations, beer bonging, gas masking, adventures..etc...

this is why hot messes should stick to pot!
jessica and megan were such a hot mess last night that they turned into gabe and gabe..
by gabe&gabe May 12, 2009
A flaming tool that enjoys iPhones, dudes, Casper, putting from the rough, smokin' pole, and lightin doobies.
Ryan Smith is a hot mess.
by Wilbur Twotools February 24, 2008
When one looks terrible, or acts in such a way that makes them unpleasant to be around.

It is believed that this term originated as an opposite to the term hotness, as they are so close to one another in appearance.
Guy 1: "That new redhead in Data Admin...I have but one word: hotness."
Guy 2: "Yo, are your eyes broke, or what? She looked a hot mess when I saw her."
by ButcherMonkey January 25, 2004
This word means someone who looks dirty, or they stank. Hair is not done, clothes are dirty, teeth aint brushed,etc. This word can also mean someone who thinks that they look good, but they dont.
C.E.O. "Oh wee, there goes Big Bertha with all them tight-ass clothes on. She's got some nerve, thinkin' she looking all good with all them stomachs hangin' out!"

Billy: " Shit,that's yo girl over there, looking a hot mess!!

C.E.O. " She took all that time in the mirror, thinkin she da shit, she aint nothing but a hot mess!"
by C.E.O. December 02, 2006
Someone or something looking a mess.
A person coming outside looking a mess. Not dressed right or looking right.
by Shanna Silva March 31, 2004

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