someone who is nasty ugly or just something of the sort
me:you see that woman with sores on her face guy:yea she had on some dasiy dukes and it look a hot mess
by tfcdgsgfjcxfsy August 07, 2009
really bad trouble; awful mess
We are in a hot mess in Iraq.
by bearian February 12, 2007
A girl who needs some serious help. A broke-ass chick.
That Stephanie be a hot mess all the damn time!
by Jillilicious September 21, 2006
When someone displays themselves in a crazy/silly manner verbally or by appearance.
I told my girl she was a 'hot mess' after she referred to the older gray-haired woman on the dancefloor as "Old-Pu$$y."
by MartiniGirl June 02, 2005
Someone who usually looks sexy or hot but for some reason looks bad at that moment.
Beyonce look a hot mess on T.V.
by Jae Zee September 18, 2006
Used to refer to extremely hot or ugly girls (it should be blatantly obvious whether the hot mess is used in a positive or negative connotation).
The girl walking by in the pink skirt was definitely a hot mess, I would love to Eiffel Tower her in my bedroom.

by Squad September 05, 2005
Anyone who has danced at the Connection in WV and probably should not have.
Robin was a hot mess last night at the connection
by Silver Alert February 24, 2009

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