A state of disarray so chaotic that it's dizzying to look at. A mess that is beyond the normal range of disarray. Visual clutter that draws attention to itself.
When the Project Runway contestant showed a garment made out of multicolored plush animals tied together with yarn, Heide Klum declared, "It's a hot mess!"
#messy #clutter #hoarding #chaos #junk
by JavaJaneOhio November 04, 2010
Someone who is more than hot. They're cute, sexy, fine, hot, adorable, gorgeous, lovable, awesome.

Not to be mistaken with an insult, there are various meanings to this phrase.
"Aww, you're such a hot mess!"
#hot #mess #cute #fine #sexy
by TheHottestOfDemAll January 17, 2009
really bad trouble; awful mess
We are in a hot mess in Iraq.
#mess #trouble #bad #sick #awful #sickness
by bearian February 12, 2007
Drunk hot tranny messes of GURRRRRRRRRL at Swarthmore college
Tiffany looked such a hot mess at that party last night
#tranny #hot #mess #black #princess maddy
by Pink Narcissucs December 15, 2009
A girl who needs some serious help. A broke-ass chick.
That Stephanie be a hot mess all the damn time!
#hawt mess #ugly #messy #milftown #scsu
by Jillilicious September 21, 2006
When someone displays themselves in a crazy/silly manner verbally or by appearance.
I told my girl she was a 'hot mess' after she referred to the older gray-haired woman on the dancefloor as "Old-Pu$$y."
by MartiniGirl June 02, 2005
Someone who usually looks sexy or hot but for some reason looks bad at that moment.
Beyonce look a hot mess on T.V.
#hot mess #sexy #ho #hootchie mama #bootylicious
by Jae Zee September 18, 2006
Someone or Something that is such a mess... the level of it, is off of the charts. It's past pathetic, past pitiful. It's to the point you almost have to walk away to keep from bustin a gut. Hot messes can exist in levels.

i.e. Hot Mess, Hot Fuckin Mess
Oh my God, y'all a HOT MESS!
by Erik Waugh August 02, 2005
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