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A state of disarray so chaotic that it's dizzying to look at. A mess that is beyond the normal range of disarray. Visual clutter that draws attention to itself.
When the Project Runway contestant showed a garment made out of multicolored plush animals tied together with yarn, Heide Klum declared, "It's a hot mess!"
by JavaJaneOhio November 04, 2010
255 189
1) a dramatically serious/complicated situation
2) a person who has a tendency for displaying histrionics and for being involved in serious/complicated situations
3) a person, typically female, who is knowingly sexually provocative in order to get attention

The term apparently derives from a reference to recently defecated feces.
1) That argument they had the other day was more than a blow up, it was a hot mess.
2) Didn't I tell you that Paula Abdul was a hot mess before she jumped ship from American Idle?!
3) Britney Spears--she's just a straight up hot mess.
by Bencaith September 08, 2009
12 25
When a gorgeous gurl says she is a "hot mess" it can mean the total opposite. She looks absolutely gorgeous n hott
Man she says shes a hot mess but god she is looking hott!
by SkunkMelish April 12, 2009
22 35
An attractive person, usually female, whose appearance is detrimentally affected by their level of drunkenness.
Girl, you had a lot to drink. By the end of the night, you were a hot mess.
by Siddahleigh February 13, 2009
640 654
Something distasteful or unnatractive in nature; unpleasant or offensive.
"That multi-colored weave she's rockin' is a hot mess."
"Did you see his fake Rolex watch? Hot mess."
by DaveyDave January 14, 2006
43 57
Drunk hot tranny messes of GURRRRRRRRRL at Swarthmore college
Tiffany looked such a hot mess at that party last night
by Pink Narcissucs December 15, 2009
16 31
Someone who is just Drunk and you trully can't understand a word they say and eventually pass out and sometimes they can crap in the pants or throw up
Sandy- Girl, Gina looks pretty wasted.

Susy- Yup, she drank alot.

Gina- Hicup! hey ladies muchachas Pprrrr Estoy Pedo..Pr.

Sandy- Gina your a HOt mess.
by Greg HO August 27, 2009
8 23
someone who is nasty ugly or just something of the sort
me:you see that woman with sores on her face guy:yea she had on some dasiy dukes and it look a hot mess
by tfcdgsgfjcxfsy August 07, 2009
4 19