When you defecate into a small container such as e.g. a Ziplock or Tupperware usually used for holding food. This is most commonly employed when you are stuck in an enclosed area (like say, an elevator) and you need to take a dump.
"During the power outage across the city, the six of us were trapped on the 31st floor and after a few hours we had to start packing some hot lunches.
by The Kaiser July 26, 2005
the male farts in the females mouth, followed by a makeout session.
Max and Sarah enjoyed a hot lunch except Max let a little more slip and now sarah is eating shit.
by Zachary Setum September 25, 2007
Hot embers that land in a person's mouth while smoking Marijuana, normally caused by a faulty screen (or no screen at all) in the pipe being used. Can also be refered to as a "salad shooter", however the latter term is more adequately applied to small reminants that are not burning.
I took a big hit off that bowl and it gave me hot lunch.
by J.L.D August 20, 2006
when a guy takes a shit on a woman's face or vice versa
Eva Bruan used to give young Adolph a hot lunch with his Jagrmeister.
by Trebor April 17, 2003
The act of placing cellophane over your partner's mouth, then deficating on the celophane. Your partner then takes your feces into his/her mouth and tongues it through the celophane.
by Anonymous February 03, 2003
act of a woman shitting in your mouth during sex.
Kevin R. loves the hot lunch.
by natorade December 20, 2002
An ice cold can or bottle of beer. It can be used together with weezy, which can be anything, as in, "Grab me a hot lunch out of that weezy."
Hey yo this lunch is so hot, ima drink me a few...yo lynch pick me up a weezy of hot lunch!
by miaaa April 08, 2006
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