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A Hot Karl involves trying to shit on somebody face
David Cox loves to give me hot karls.
by Heather January 20, 2003
The act in which a woman sucks the cock of the same man who moments earlier was balls deep in her can. (See also CORN HOLE)
After the movies, Frank treated Judy to a nice Hot Karl sundae, with whipped cream and nuts.
by JTB June 04, 2003
Crapping on your partners face during sex.
Lets Hot Karl
by Brian R March 28, 2003
Commonly referred to the sexual position when a female provides felacio to a man while he is propped on a toilet engaging in fecal discharge. The lesbian version is referred to as the "Twisted Sister".
After a long days work, and dinner at a chinese buffet nothing can top the double sensation of a Hot Karl.
by westminster March 25, 2006
A blow job immediately following anal sex
One gaylord gave the other a hot karl
by Anonymous September 25, 2003
shitting on the girl during sex very arrousing to me
i gave the hottest girl in the world a hot karl
by dan re man June 30, 2003
Most deffinitions of a 'Hot Karl' are wrong.

The true, most well-known, deffinition of a 'Hot Karl' is the act of taking a big load of your partners chest during a nice sexual adventure. This is also a Cleaveland Steamer.
1. Wow, Greg really deserves a Hot Karl right about now.

2. Well uhh, I don't quite know how to ask this, but uhh... can I give you a Hot Karl?

3. Hot Karl needs another speaking point! (IJ)
by Taco Sanchez September 28, 2006