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A person that does something spectacular when something much easier would have done the trick quicker and more efficiently. Hot dogging is the verb.
That baseball player dove for the ball, what a hot dogger!

Anderkon, you wild man your such a hot dogger!
by Plantus November 10, 2006
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(surfer lingo) one who rips. a great and showy performer on a surfboard.
"brah, you hotdogger! you were totally rippin' that wave!"
by teri_raz May 12, 2009
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Hey guys, guess what! I got a job at Hot Dog On a Stick in the Brea Mall... I'm a hotdogger now!
by Ben F April 14, 2005
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Oscar Mayer® Wienermobile™ Hotdogger. Must attend Hot Dog High at Oscar Mayer® in Madison, Wisconsin to learn meaty subjects, after that you must salami swear the official Hotdogger Oath, which starts out as "Encourage wiener lovers nationwide to relish the delicacy..."
When I grow up I want to be an Oscar Mayer® Wienermobile™ Hotdogger.
by Bratch July 19, 2006
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When a guy fucks another guy in the ass, or any person takes it up the ass! Like when you slide a juicy hotdog in some hot buns. Can be either the person doing it or receiving it. A person that is definitely into anal sex whether male or female or same sex.
Chad is definitely a hotdogger, since he likes that more than anything else!
by StephenJ June 01, 2006
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The act when you thrust your penis into a girl's vagina so fast and hard your penis gets hot.
Yeah, i gave her a Hot Dogger.
by mushroomhead forever June 25, 2012
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