When trying to perform a stunt on a snowboard/skateboard when you fail and smash your balls.
Man, jimmy tried to do a mctwist, and ended up doing a hotdog.
by pablo escobar November 26, 2003
V. - The act of consuming a hotdog.
"Dude, you've only got one bite left to win the Spike's six dog challenge, just hotdog that shit already!"

"But I'm so full... I don't know if I can."
by Our_Benefactors December 13, 2009
a male below the height of 5' 7" who wears hollister t-shirts cargo shorts and adidas sneakers, carries around a drawstring sac and spends way too much time on his hair.
jenny: look here comes ben t!
keiko: UH OH hotdog!
by uh oh hotdog ff August 20, 2008
when your girls on the rag, you put it between the buns
Hey, my chick's on the rag, so i had to hot dog that bitch last night.
by Pint-O December 19, 2002
when something goes your way!
I got my homework finished.HOTDOG!!
by Payge October 07, 2007
the thing that my sister fucks
my sister had to stick a plastic bag over the hotdog so she wouldnt get salmanella poisening in her pussy
by horny bastard January 17, 2005
To leave a pubor bar without saying goodbye or use as an excuse to make an exit to go home. Especially convenient if a hotdog van or stall locates itself outside the premises.
"I'm going for a hotdog"
by Helsy April 14, 2008

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