A whore who used to be ugly, however has had plastic surgery too become hot.
"Wow, look at her!"
"Nah, she got surgery, just a hot dog"
by Matt Mcann March 31, 2008
When one's "friend" falls asleep, the act of placing one's penis between the lips atop the teeth
"Joey fell asleep!"
"Dude! Hot dog that bitch!"
"Put your Johnny between his lips bitch"
by Piss coming out of my ass October 18, 2007
The girl is giving the guy a hand job. Then she takes a large sausage and uses his dick like a ketchup dispenser, but instead as a jizz dispenser. She then uses the sausage as a dildo.
Catherine and Mark performed the hot dog last night.
by binder boyz May 31, 2008
One of the best foods ever.

No one can touch dogs from Chicago.

Vienna is the best brand, but Hebrew National Kosher Beef Franks are a close second.

Steamed is the best way to eat them. Period.

Onion rings or french fries are a great side dish with them.

My ideal hot dog:
Vienna beef
Steamed bun with poppy seeds
Oscar Mayer makes a crappy hot dog
by Hartcore November 20, 2004
When a female gets off a guy by fucking a guy with her tits, thus forming a 'hotdog'.
"Then the bitch gave me a hotdog, and I cummed right up her nose!"
by Alex December 07, 2003
Any animal part that will go through a meat grinder without leaving cruchy bits and then stuffed into a natural pig intestine casing. Ears, nose, guts, asshole, um um its in there.
A popular hotdog tune. Oh I wish I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener.
That is what I truly want to be. For if I was an Oscar Meyer Wiener, the whole wide world would be in love with me.
by LeVitre's Nasty Skivies September 15, 2005
a quer that is a show off in the feild of what they are currently doing (jocks)
jole on the stuart hall hockey team #4
by me5 April 26, 2004

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