something horny girls shove up their vagina
Girl 1: oh, i am so horny!
Girl 2: shut up and shove a hot dog in it!
by pxuxsxsxy December 12, 2011
The reason America is so overweight.
American I just had a hot dog

Canadian *sigh*
by fatness101 July 22, 2010
Noun: hot-dog

An erotic sandwich consisting of a thrusting penis between two female breasts.

Verb: hot-dogged, hot-dogging

To place ones penis between a females breasts and thrust repeatedly, thus creating the erotic sandwich known as a hot dog.
"Man, her jugs are screaming for a big fat hot dog!"

"How would you feel if I hot-dogged your delightful breasts?"

"She wouldn't let me fuck her ass, so I had to settle for hot-dogging her titties."
by JayVeeDawg June 29, 2012
Also known as a Chav.

Dressed in tracksuits these individuals cause trouble, have little to no intellect, spout foul language, and on the whole have quite racist views.

They are in a plastic wrapper and filled with shit, dick, and lips. Much like their edible counterparts.
Dave: "you seen steve?"

Mike: "No he's gone Hotdog bashing cos one of them stole his bike."
by Preacher-man Jnr. September 21, 2012
A term meaning I'm satisfied with the job, let's move on! OR the situation has been dealt with
Hot Dog! Job well done gang, on to the next case! or in this context - You found all my equipment you lost, hot dog!
My favorite - The evidence may be 12 hours long but you nailed it.. hot dog, team!
by ParanormalRob August 19, 2012
a person of asian ancestry
there sure are a lot of hot dogs at Disneyland
by jacquosie February 28, 2012
Term to describe someone's large lips, usually covered in mustard and brine.
"Fuck me! That Angelina Jolie's got massive hotdogs, just like Joe!"
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005

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