Hot Damn is a red cinnamon schnapps made by De Kuyper. It is available in 80 and 100 proof (40 and 50 percent ABV).
Hot Damn is an ingredient of the Bleeding Snatch.
by KingTT February 05, 2004
A word used in excitement, when something is pretty outrageous or just generally badass. Usually goes good on a cracker
Guy 1: So I stabbed him to the death and had sex w/ his dead body
Guy 2: HOT DAMN!
Guy 1: Can I fuck you with a knife?
by willtravel September 06, 2007
this sick band from Ottawa, Canada that I heard on myspace when i was lookin for myspace wh0r3$ to crank the shank so to speak.
Hot Damn, although excellent at crafting sound, have a retard myspace url of /bandatlast chek it u big homoze
by OMGGGGGGGGG December 02, 2009
Used instead of the words "God damn".
"Hot damn, that hurt!
by Aly Bell August 28, 2007
A term often used as a replacement for that 'what the hell' or 'what the fuck.' Or said instead of just 'damn.' Exclamations tend to be positive.
"Hot damn, that was bad ass!"

"Hot damn, that guy is fucking nuts!"

(any situation of commendable risk taking) "Hot damn!"

(hot chick walks by) "Hot damn!"
by D. Throat December 16, 2007
the hottest person on earth;perfect human being
your heart melts when you see a "hot damn"
"Oh hot damn is HOT!"
by thatswhatshesaid012 June 02, 2009
Holy water.. like Stephanie's sweat.
i'm not feeling creative. just post my fucking definition of hot damn. asshole. :)
by El Steppie Beans September 15, 2009

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