The act of having a morbidly obese man or woman void their bowels on one's chest. After which the aforementioned obese individual smears said fecal matter onto chest in a clockwise motion.
Oh my god....I went to Tiajuana this weekend and saw a midget get the hot coffee...I may be scarred for life....
by madcrapper81 January 09, 2009
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Hot Coffee deals with the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

In this game, the developers included a mini game in which the player could control the main character (CJ) having sex with various women. It was later on decided that the game should be removed because it was pushing the limit on its mature rating. Instead of taking out the mini game, it was locked away and never to be accessed by any gamer.

The game was released for PS2 and everything was going smoothly, until it's PC release. It wasn't long before somebody cracked into GTA:SA and found the hot coffee scenes.

The ESRB, who is responsible for rating video games, was outraged and recalled all the games. The rating was changed from Mature (17+) to Adult Only (18+).

Although GTA:SA received a lot of criticism for it's intense violence, graphic language, drug content, etc. It didn't get bashed as much as it did for it's hot coffee mini game.

Which I personally find ridiculous. The game was already restricted to minors.
All this proves is that sex and nudity is worse then violence. Way to go Hilary Clinton, you score another point in our society.
You can beat a cop to death with a hammer while CJ yells; "You fucked with the wrong nigga!" Then you can steal the cop's car and run over his dead carcuss a few times... But as soon as nudity and sex gets involved, everybody panics.

Sex is not worse then violence. One is a source of pleasure and life, the other a source of pain and death.
by Stupidity strikes again August 02, 2005
GTA San adreas mod that unlocked hidden sex scenes resulting in an Adults Only rating put on GTA.
Mom: I cant beleive there is nudity in that game! Whats this world come too when my son tries to enjoy killing cops and innocent people and is permanantly scarred by pixialated porn?

Smart person: Shut the fuck up!
by The poopster August 25, 2005
Rockstar Entertainment's wardrobe malfunction.

A hack in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas where, after using several cheats and going through pain-staking effort, one can see GTA character Carl Johnson receive fellatio and play a mini-game of having sex with his girlfriend. The term "hot coffee" comes from the fact that, if the girlfriend enjoys herself on her date, she will invite you back to her house for "coffee."

Became a controversy due to Hillary Clinton, who called for a House vote urging the Federal Trade Commission to step in and investigate the Rockstar Entertainment "scandal." Since this happened, the ESRB has re-rated GTA:SA with an Adults Only (AO) rating (as opposed to the original Mature (M) rating), meaning that the game is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. This has caused stores like Best Buy and Wal Mart to yank the game off of shelves, as most electronics stores have a policy that does not allow the sale of AO games.

To add to the irony, law suits are now starting to rise from independent consumers who supposedly bought the game for their children (who were under the age of 17), claiming that they thought that the game was rated M and not AO (the age difference between an M and AO game is one year).
The hot coffee hack has definately taken a toll on sales, since most of the stores that used to carry GTA:SA no longer allow for its sale. On the other hand, the media attention has only served to cause greater public interest in the product, which could help in the long run.
by muchluv July 29, 2005
Term used to describe sexual intent, originally used to describe a minigame in Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas that can be unlocked with an Action Replay code or patch. The minigame has the player control the forward and backward movements as the main character Carl "CJ" Johnson fucks his girlfriend. When Hilary Clinton heard of hot coffe, she suddenly became even more of a bitch.
Monica Lewinsky: "Hey, wanna go get some hot coffe?"
Bill Clinton: "Sure!" (drops pants)
(Monica gives Bill a blowjob, Hilary gets pissed)
by poompt August 11, 2005
A nice hot, steaming cup of joe with an incredibly welcoming smell and the perfect thing first thing in the morning.
1. What's all this sex mod rubbish?

2. I like to start my day with a nice hot coffee.

3. Mmm that hot coffee looks and smells damn good.

4. How do you like your coffee? Hot!
by Metalhead For Life November 07, 2006
Hillary Clinton's excuse to make an expose' of what she thinks is a "dangerous and potentially harmful market". Hot Coffee has come to symbolize politicians vs. the first amendment- To make matters worse- Aforementioned politicians truly have no interest in this subject- and only use it to gain political prowess.

Basically Hillary is only making a big deal about this because she thinks she has a penis, and wants to be president in 08. Crazy bitch.
Rockstar got Hot Coffee'd and now EA is in that psycho-bitch's sights.
by Soniti1587 July 30, 2005
What you yell when you wish folks to move out of the way. The origin is that you were carrying hot coffee and one should move out of the way if one does not wish to be burned. Frequently used even if there is nothing hot nor coffee involved.
"Hot Coffee! Coming through."
by mice August 17, 2005
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