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A word used to describe something that is very cool.
"Those sunglasses are hot cheese!"
by skypegoat January 31, 2010
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A woman with delicious proportions; so hot she could melt a block of cheese
Joe!! Look at that hot cheese over there!
by Big Joe August 13, 2004
a hot, nasty fart that smells like cheese
"hey dude! i just ripped a hot cheese!"

"It smells like hot cheese! Gross, who's responsible?!"

"this is a smelly target! i think someone let a hot cheese go!"
by wfheribdsa June 02, 2009
a metaphore used with ones atraction to another when attempting to be covert.
Damn yo, you see dat S***? dat was some fine ass hot cheese.
by hks85 August 20, 2006

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