A sexual act; when a man or woman defecates(poops) on the others anus(butthole) causing pleasure.
Girl let me give you a hot Charlie.
by kiwiblossom1990 July 01, 2012
Top Definition
a kinky sex move in which you poop in a tube sock and smak your partner across the face with it
dude i gave that chick a hot charlie last night
by xxpapasmurfxxx July 10, 2008
A hot charlie is anything you want it to be. Because of the way it sounds, most people (especially girlfriends) associate it with something sexual (i.e. Dirty Sanchez). Simply ask for a hot charlie, and the other person must determine what his/her definition of it actually is.
Me: Hey, I'm going to ask my girlfriend if she wants to give me a hot charlie tomorrow night after the movies.

Friend: What the crap is a hot charlie?

Me: Oh, I think you know.

Friend: Does it involve an indian burn on the thigh?

Me: It does now.
by Sl33py July 30, 2006
A Vietnamese man running around on fire.
Somebody go extinguish that hot charlie before my hut goes up in flames.
by thehacker03 January 23, 2009
When a woman defecates on a man's chest & face(most notably directly into his mouth as a grand finale) while he is in the process of masturbating.
Yeah, Bob paid some chick to give him a hot charlie last night and she couldn't deliver the goods
by dominatrixgirl May 24, 2010
A hot charlie is when you tell your friends that you will hang out and then ditch them for coffee.
Bobby: Hey Cale you want to come take a walk with us?
Eric: Yeah, if you want you can just go half the way.
Cale: Alright, I'll go.

::The walk begins::


::Cales runs off to Dunkin' Donuts for a coffee::
by Cale F Sweeney September 10, 2010
When a guy is taking a shit, and a girl is performing oral sex on him at the same time.
That bitch was giving me a hot charlie when I layed a big dump.
by jesus christ on a bicycle June 13, 2009
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