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One who is notorious for selling drugs. Someone who brings more attention than necessary to themselves in their dealing of drugs. Often times get arrested.
Only sell that yayo to your homies, if not you'll be a hot boy and niggas will snitch on you.
by Darren from L-Town November 28, 2007
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The Hot Boys were an American hip hop group active from 1997 to 2001. The group consisted of the most popular rappers in the New Orleans based record label, Cash Money Records; Juvenile (Real name Terius Gray), Lil Wayne (Real name Dwayne Carter), B.G. (Real name Christopher Dorsey) & Turk (Real name Tab Virgil).

From 1997 to 2001, the Hot Boys were collectively the most artists on Cash Money Records. In 2001 Juvenile, B.G. & Turk left Cash Money, with Lil' Wayne currently the only member of the group remaining on the label. It was recently announced by former Hot Boy Lil Wayne that the group is getting back together in 2008 to drop another album. "Expect this album to be a classic", said Turk. Lil Wayne also stated that Turk was his main man.

Get it how you live or you can live how you get it- Hot boys

I'm a hot boy fa'sho
Nigga a living legend
I straight creep if I get beef with ya
They got t-shirt waiting on yo fucking picture
Yo head leak like water drippin from a faucet -B.G.
by all day dre October 23, 2007
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1.noun.a person who likes to do alot of crimes or a person who attracts a lot of attention to the cops.
2.verb. defining a crime that you can get in trouble w/ the cops very easily
1. "dont chill w/ that guy, he's a real hotboy and you'll end up n the county blues."
2.guy1-"hey, lets go rob some nigga."
guy2-"fuck that nigga, thats some hotboy shit."
by max ward September 08, 2007
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a nigga thats stay wit stolen shit or be in some shit all tha time
You seen T-weezy in tha 2007 truck you know he a hotboy
by Tracy aka Duval county April 04, 2006
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A hotboy is one who increases the heat of the block.

Increasing the heat of the block is synonymous with increasing police presence and suspicion by means of sketchy, or "hot", activities.

By being a hotboy, the hotboy endangers the entire community by attracting unwanted attention due to his immense heat.
Woooow! Way to walk around with a blunt hanging out of your pocket, hotboy!

Yeah, Jerome got arrested yesterday. Hotboy!
by ProfessorSwagSauce October 23, 2011
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A dangerous location; a hotspot for police. A spot where recent illegal activity has occurred.

Also, an area with a large number of police
*after smoking an l*
pete: we should dip, its mad hot boy here
steve: aight

*after 5 cop cars appear out of nowhere*
chris: damn it just got hot boy
by Mjoint Puffer November 30, 2010
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Someone who is over dramatic/ makes a big deal over little things.
"Oh my gosh, I had one sip of alcohol and now i'm so wasted!!"

Hot boy ^
by unfirahsken May 15, 2011
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