The condition of a girl's behind being very warm or filled with warmth, or when the bulk of her body heat is concentrated near the rectal area.
"Dude, this chick last night had such a hot ass!"
"Was she that good in bed?"
"No, I mean she nearly burned my dick off!"
by kylecoaster January 31, 2009
A woman with an ass so hot, it can melt ice.
George: Dude, that woman has a hot ass.
Jim: Maybe if I take her ice fishing, I won't have to use my auger.
by Maryland Jaybird December 28, 2012
A person that is sexy from a far and up close but you admire from afar. This person is the person you sleep with because it would better your reputation however this is not the marrying type. The marrying type Would be a SweetBottom
"You see that HotAss over there?"
"Yeah, what about him?"
"Oh You just needed to see how hot he was, one day i'll be all over that"
"Great, call me when that happens."
by Bridgetta Parker March 27, 2007
an alcoholic drink that combines Hot Tamales candy and Shmirnoff Ice.
Ashleigh and Krystal invented a new drink they dubbed "Hot Ass".
by erin October 26, 2004
a high magnitude of stench that hits you at one dreadful point in time, often involving the seepage of ones anus.
"Fwaaaah! Holy shit dude, after Aaron took a dump i went in there and it smelled like hot ass".
by Honomisu January 08, 2011
One who is acting to impress others in a situation where the result could be (most typically) arrest. One who is acting in a flagrantly belligerent or, in some cases, dangerous way; can also be 'hot moves'
"I can't believe that hotass is taking a bong hit in front of those cops!" or "Rick got the nickname of Hot Moves because of all the hot-ass things he has done."
by Anthony Forrester December 08, 2007
the smell procured when one sits for an extended period of time, heating the ass area up to inferno-level temperatures, thus creating a concentrated ass smell in the area, often mistaken for a terrifyingly horrible fart.
"Man, after watching that six-and-a-half hour long Lord of the Rings film, I have some major hot ass."

"Todd just stood up after the Rob and Big marathon and let loose some terrible hot ass. It just about murdered me."
by jccroft August 02, 2009
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