To be one of the best. Good, nice, great
Girl, that fit you rockin is hot as hell.
by Angel November 14, 2003
Top Definition
This phrase can be used in reference in two different instances.

1.) To refer to the temperature at present. Saying that "it is hot as hell" is to over embellish the current temperature by comparing it to that of hell itself (which would be unimaginable heat)

2.) No comment on the origin of the second instance of the phrase. The meaning is simply in reference to an incredibly attractive man or a woman.
1.) Can someone turn the air conditioner on? It's hot as hell in here.

2.) Did you see that chick over there? She's hot as hell!
by KeizerSoze June 24, 2004
incredibly sexy
dang that guy is hot as hell.
by kallie November 28, 2003
Ridiculously warm. 100 degrees F or more
It's hot as hell in florida.
by hooligan333 November 14, 2003
The hottest chick you've ever seen and u wanna bang her brains out.
Damm, look at that babe! Shes as hot as hell.
by cartman5000 August 11, 2004
1. Reference to something that has a high temperature.

2. Reference to a sexual object of desire.
Me: That barbecue stove is hot as hell.
Someone Else: ...
by sukebe September 19, 2004
Extrenely nice, sweet
My new shoes are hot as hell.
by Kailtin November 25, 2003
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