Its like when you're making love... with your special lady friend and you stretch your bean bag over her cornhole and tell her to fart.
Last night I got the best hot air balloon ever. Veronica streched my bean bag over her cornhole and farted, it smelled like cheerios. I couldn't help but blow my load!!
by Table Top August 14, 2009
Sex act during which one is giving a blowjob whilst putting a blow dryer in their partner's ass, alternating from hot to cold.
Guy #1: Aw man, that chick gave me the sickest Hot Air Balloon, last night.
Guy #2: What's a Hot Air Balloon.
Guy #1: Urban Dictionary, that shit, hombre.
by HotAirBalloon October 02, 2009
When a girl eats a guys bootyhole while giving him a reach around, he farts in her mouth.
I hot air balloned the shit out of that bitch last night.
by jesus July 22, 2003
The act of placing one's scrotal sac in the mouth of a sleeping individual and proceeding to strech the excess scrotal skin over the nostrils of the person creating an air-tight seal thus filling the strechable skin with hot air creating a balloon affect.
I totally gave susan the hot air balloon last night when she was sleeping.
by asabrown13 December 09, 2008
To bend over and fart into your partners mouth while naked.
"yo, last night I totally gave Lafonda a hot air balloon! She passed out."


"Yo Ricky, I could really go for a Hot Air Balloon go wipe your ass."
by Judge Dread March 23, 2008
When a dude asks you if he can fart in you're mouth while you lick his asshole and jerk him off at the same time
Domoniuge asked me to Hot Air Balloon him and i kicked him in his balls
by Dont do this hot air ballon October 22, 2007
1. Sexual maneuver in which the female breathes in one of the male's farts and holds it. The male then ejaculates into her mouth. Then, using the previously inhaled flatulence, the female proceeds to blow a bubble.
-I gave your mom a hot air balloon. Last night.
-Oh really? What is that, huh?
by PedroGibbons May 06, 2008
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