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To use a hot tub. To engage in activities which are primarily centered in or around a hot tub.
The hot tubbing experience is often made more interesting with lots of naked people.
by Reverend Chaos September 06, 2003
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When two experts on opposing sides of a court case are put in a witness box to debate an issue, while the courtroom observes.

Used in various international courts to determine which expert is more credible.
We have to prepare the expert to go hot tubbing with Dr Smiles. He is a real shark.
by Humphreyneworleans May 20, 2016
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When you talk to someone too much and go over the top to be nice to them and continue the conversation until you eventually invite that person over for a hot tub later that night.
Oh look at that dude, he's totally hot tubbing him.
by hillydilly June 29, 2012
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When you stick your face in between your partner's butt cheeks, put your lips together, and blow like your making your own hot tub in the bathtub. Also known in some circles as speed boating, or motor boating the backside.
The wife thinks it tickles when I go Hot Tubbing, but I think it's fun. So long as she doesn't fart on me!
by yesimapirate February 17, 2011
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when u get in a spa with some fly honeys
ayo yall wanna go hot tubbin
by j2dizzo September 07, 2003
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Finding a tubby kid and rubbing his tubbiness in a circular fashion until via friction he becomes hot. Hot tubbing.
We do not recommend hot tubbing.
by elorgore April 06, 2009
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One girl having sex with many men in the space of an hour or so
She lies down and opens her legs, they come and take a ticket and they start hot tubbing her one by one.
by ro kay June 30, 2011
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