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(1) A hot tub filled with intoxicated teenagers and/or young adults engaging in explicit sexual acts with each other.

(2) A great deal or bonus, one consisting of multiple payoffs. A multi-layered success.

Usually considered vulgar.
(1) Carla: "Yo Gabby, get ova here, they gotta hot tub o' fuckalilla and it's off the hizzook!"

(2) Andi: "Sam, Sam, when dey got da promotion, it was a real hot tub o' fuckalilla for da whole company."
by Luc Samatas April 24, 2009

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(3) An extremely attractive person, possessing obvious sex appeal and / or highly desirable traits (usually female).

Definitely considered vulgar.
(3) Jaime: "Mang, she was a hot tub o' fuckalilla. I wanted to hit tha' shit, but she was frontin'!"
by Luc Samatas June 10, 2009